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Yang Yue: Always feel "warm" in Chongqing

Yang Yue was born in a literary family and her parents are professors of German at Sichuan International Studies University (SISU). So in 1992, when Yang graduated from the Department of German of SISU, she decided to go to Germany. "Goethe, Schiller, Holderlin, Heine, Rilke, Thomas Mann... For a girl with a literary dream, these names are undoubtedly filled with magical powers."

However, when Yang Yue arrived in Germany, she was not welcomed by the comfortable life.

"The most important thing for me is to survive! Studying at Henie University is at my parents' own expense, which has cost their savings. I really can not add to their burden anymore." Actually, Yang has decided to do part-time jobs to earn living costs by herself.

Yang has experienced quite a few tough part-time jobs. In 1994, she finally got a relatively stable job in a Taiwan-funded IT firm. "My monthly salary was 1,800DEM at that time," said Yang. This job has helped her contact with the emerging computer industry. In the computer company, the daily work is tedious and boring, but Yang Yue found a business opportunity.

"At that time, it's an emerging industry, with a large number of business opportunities. If I can have my own agency brand, or create my own brand, I will be able to grab the opportunity." But there were a whole host of problems for Yang to tackle with. Finally, she had to seek help from her father. "Though my father is a college professor and a well-known interpreter, he does not earn too much..." Yang Wuneng, Yang Yue’s father did everything he can to support her start-up.

The start-up has helped Yang move one step to her dream. However, she still has many things to do if she wants to survive in the fierce business world.

Now, Yang’s company has embraced rapid development. It has two computer assembling lines, providing customized services for clients such as Amazon.de. Besides, its self-owned computer brand -- Joy-IT has been listed in Germany's top ten computer brands.

Yang has written quite a few articles to help German know more about China and Chongqing. "I really hope that I can be an envoy for Sino-German trade and culture," said Yang.

There is a column called "Hometown& Old Friend" in Yangyue's Weibo, showing her deep missing to her hometown Chongqing by words.

Yangyue writes these sentences in her blog "Bright is the moon over my home village—Miss my hometown Chongiqng": Chongqing Jiefangbei pedestrian is a household name in China; there are three "ID Card": beauty, delicious food, and fine view, which is hot on the Internet. However, Jiefangbei means more to me. It includes my childhood's memory and youth's indiscretion and farewell. "These memories are from her experience in childhood. Her grandmother lived at No. 150, Bayi Road, Jiefangbei. Lu Gao Jian, a famous restaurant, is downstairs. Go straight and turning left is Dayanggou food market and turning right is Jiefangbei. As long as she can remember, her mother took her to grandmother's home every weekend.

"Chongqiing, a word makes me feel warm. If I only have one chance to take a vacation every year, I want to be back to Chongqing, where is full of familiar accents, flavors, and family's care."